Hungry Yet Patient 

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Hunger always arrives to cause a meal to be found, prepared, or chosen. Real food takes time . . . there’s no such thing as “fast food.” There’s fasting -- not eating at all -- and there’s food fit to eat . . . you either fast, or you eat. The same is true with the consumption of information by your brain-mind connection. Nothing’s fast, it’s essential to learn to rest consciously as the answers and responses arrive to your hungers. Be aware that patience is not the art of waiting -- it’s the metaphysics of knowing that resting calmly will deliver. When your goal is obscured within the noise of the moment, it’s time to know that you’re close . . . the noise is always greatest just before a breakthrough. It’s time to rest calmly within that ‘equal and opposite’ law of Newtonian physics. This is what the ancient meta-physicians called “your immortal authority” . . . the reality that infinity is always arriving into your finite version of life.

This is your 'Divine Right' of becoming a part of all life. This is truly “earning a living” and it’s clear in the innocent command of babies. This is the universal agreement that requires no chase, but acknowledges your surrender. This is your right and it’s there within every goal . . . patience is knowing that your immortal authority will deliver. Within this are the layers of your strength -- your authority of being alive -- and you tap into these omniscient layers through this knowing that the delivery is eminent. Within these layers of strength is that constantly present, utterly capable infinity. This is what the meta-physicians refer to as GOD . . . it’s an acronym . . . Generating-Organizing-Delivering. This is the reality that dwells within each quantum, atom, molecule and cell of life. When consciously experienced, it stops your pursuit . . . the endless "chase" . . . it allows you to come home to the patience of knowing that your delivery is coming.

Our prayer is that you’re hungry and patient; that you know every goal is right there waiting; that your calm, meditative mind rests within each moment and delivers the food of receiving . . . be your own immortal authority.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci