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Communication -- the highest form is confirmation -- the mutual commitment to a collective reason, vision, or purpose for a lasting success. After the confirmation there's a further responsibility to fulfill the consistency of the connection . . . the necessity of maintaining the communication. This is achieved through attention to all relevant ‘follow-up’ information . . . confirmation is not a onetime deal, it’s an ongoing relationship. It’s like planting a seed . . . it must be consistently fed and watered. Consistent and reliable communication makes it a true relationship, as opposed to a relation-canoe . . . in a ‘ship’ you can stand up, in a ‘canoe’ you cannot. This is the nature of any healthy union; this is the nature of every healthy marriage . . . be it a partnership of life, or business.

Because humans spend so much time anticipating results -- rather than experiencing process -- they tend to default toward the quick messages that secure their feelings in a particular moment. Time is spent experiencing the uncertainties, building little dramas into sustained emotions, and thereby neglecting the certainty of previously confirmed communication. ‘Common-unification’ -- the root meaning of communication -- is then lost in these expanding dramas. This is the opposite of the great moments that confirmation is designed to create. Confirmation becomes lost in the inconsistency; it suffers from an assumed identity built in the dramas . . . rather than succeeding in the momentum of the confirmation. These dramas then turn into the feared "what might be" from the lack of consistency. Consistent communication alters the coordinates of any impending drama so they don’t occur -- or when they do -- they’re quickly put to rest.

Our prayer is that you learn to ‘follow-up’ on all your great ‘confirmations’…to connect and correct the "what might be" into the “what you want it to be” by using consistent communication; that you consciously maintain the course of each confirmation, so that the outcomes are never confirming your fears, but the consistency produces a journey to your confirmed purpose…this is the process of your lasting success.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci