Act Intuitively or React Instinctually  

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Stretch receptors are bio-mechanical receptors in the body tissue that respond to pressure and distention in your muscles, glands and organs. When you do yoga and other exercise -- when you stretch into the body-glove -- these receptors send their messages through the nerves to the medulla in the brain stem. The medulla and the pons, in the brain stem, are also known as the primitive, or reptilian brain called the reticular formation. This area is responsible for all of the instinctual reactions to your sensory experiences . . . sequences triggered with deep emotions from ancient, unconscious memory. When these stretch receptors activate in a more conscious way, you gain access to the programming in these primitive portions of the reticular formation . . . access to their epigenetic makeup.

In the midst of your stretch and exercise -- with a highly conscious intention -- you can reprogram your responses to your experiences . . . actually alter your instinctual/emotional actions and reactions. As long your instincts are in charge, you have no access to intuition. Instincts are connected directly to your most powerful emotions for safety and the insurance of your survival. Intuition, on the other hand, is connected to the actual makeup of each moment . . . always brand new . . . always unproven. By accessing the intuition, rather than the instinctual reaction, you access untried solutions -- designed for the moment -- rather than prescriptions from previous moments. The current wars, unrest, and global uncertainty are the instinctual, habitual and ancient-ritual reactions to modern issues. Cultures, nations, religions and regions -- instinctually triggered by sensations of safe-less-ness -- are reacting with old methods that have worked in the past, but they no chance of finding solutions in the present . . . definitely not the future.

Our prayer is that you stretch into the present moment; ignite these stretch receptors and respond to “this day” . . . every day; activate your intuition, not your instincts; discover solutions that have never been used or proven, and prove that they work by having the courage to try.

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