Evolutionary Compassion  

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According to NASA -- there've been thirty-two advanced civilizations throughout history that have completely disappeared under their own momentum. Evolution is momentous . . . it’s evolutionary compassion that’s required for a species to survive. Evolutionary compassion is a collective instinctual response . . . instinctual patterns that respond for the collective good. Human evolution has produced the addition of free will beyond these instincts. In order for humans to be successful, they must use these choices for the collective good . . . for compassion. Whenever there’s been natural extinctions, it's been due to the changes in environments outpacing a species' ability to respond.

With the history of human civilizations that have disappeared, there’s been an entirely different factor involved. Whenever the priorities of a human culture have operated outside this evolutionary compassion -- this is when highly advanced cultures have literally vanished . . . it’s happened thirty-two times that are known. Food and water are the common essentials of life, and all creatures have evolved within a balance between the need for these and their supply. This is where humans have become the exception. Tracing human extinctions, science has found, they’ve always involved the mishandling of food and water . . . either in crop rotation choices; appropriate distribution channels, and more recently now, price speculation with industrial farming. All other creatures share what they have when there’s a need to be met . . . this is the natural order . . . this is evolutionary compassion. When this fundamental compassion -- required for the species to survive -- goes missing . . . the root cause for human extinction is in place. Our prayer is that you are part of a new movement of survivalists . . . not one of hoarding supplies and arming to compete, but one that’s about growing supplies, sharing and cooperating.

Our prayer is that you provide this alternative to human nature; that you make compassion a primary example in your life, and that you teach this new human nature to the children . . . join the re-evolution.

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