Water is Solution

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Water is absolutely essential to life; water is also extremely neutral, and because of this neutrality, it’s able to take on the shape of any and every opportunity that it approaches. Whatever container/opportunity is offered to water, it accepts it and fulfills it.

This is also the reason water is called a solution . . . it's always able to solve for an opportunity and discover its fulfillment. The ancients -- experiencing this phenomenon -- felt it was so incredible that they created a "goddess" out of it . . . the masters named this goddess Narayan. The Rishis and Yogis found it was one of the five essential Tattvas (elements) for material life and used Narayan as a healing mantra. They would sing the praises of this solution, knowing they were actually singing of themselves. You are, after all, made up mostly of water. Depending upon your hydration, you are between 65% and 75% water . . . at birth you’re closer to 90% water. Staying in touch with the miraculous flexibility of this solution is the daily task of all life . . . drink lots of water. There’s an actual measure -- according to your height, weight and activity -- that’s healthiest for you. This incredible element of flexibility and solution provides optimal health to your skin; your joints; your blood; your glands and organs, and allows you to literally “fit” into the space and time of each moment more easily. Today, astrophysics refers to water as a star-seed; its point of origin, they’ve discovered, is not of this planet. Much of the water on this planet is older than the sun itself and even this entire solar system. All water has intrinsic memory; the healing science of homeopathy works with this memory. There are codes written into water’s intergalactic roots that remember the entire journey from its origins to this Earth.

Our prayer is that you honor the miracle of water that's in you, and replenish it throughout the day; that you learn to be as flexible as it is, and then discover how you fit within each moment. Be able to appreciate the miracle of finding solutions in your flexibility and then join with the ease and joy that are fulfilling each moment.

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