The Power of Innocence  

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Sweeping engagement -- the kind that's tendered across lifetimes -- this is the prevailing nature taking place when an expert becomes very innocent. In life, there's an expert arriving in so many moments, and for so many reasons. This element generally brings, to the moment, an "accurate" memory of history . . . it then proceeds to apply this memory of history to the present moment. To the contrary, there's also the nature of innocence. Innocence arrives in an unexpected moment -- brings absolutely nothing but innocence into the moment . . . the child-like ability to observe and listen.

The expert’s memory of history adds a "distortional" quality to the moment, makes it become a duplication, or a comparison, to the memory it remembers. The innocence, on the other hand, does nothing to distort any part of any moment -- it simply allows the moment to be exactly what it is. It doesn't even distort an opinion of some possible solution to match a challenge that might be lurking in the moment. We’re blessed to share this Earth with the great innocence found in silence and knowing -- it's brought here by both the children and the masters . . . it enables all time to be enough. Most of the time there's this background sensation of not enough time. Innocence is always working with ‘sufficient time’ within each moment of time . . . this has the tendency to fulfill each moment, and the time just seems to show up. This was the prayer that came to the Buddha: “The places you are to be, you shall be; the ways you are to go, you shall go; the people you are to meet, you shall meet; the words you are to say, you shall say; the things you are to accomplish, you shall accomplish.” This is a prayer of innocence . . . a prayer that enables this innocence to engage your moments . . . any moment.

Our prayer is that you engage such a prayer; that you fully expect your innocence to be enough; that you always sense that there’s enough time for whatever the time you're experiencing is requesting, and that the time of your life becomes the moments you’re praying for. This is the power of innocence . . . the masterful child.

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