Chaos Stimulates Growth 

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Today’s global madness is exactly as proclaimed in the ancient prophecies. The aggressive and ignorant take over the “microphones” of the world . . . broadcasting ignorance all across the world. These “microphones” control the global conversations and the collective conclusions. These prophecies speak of the circles and cycles within this madness. The ignorant are -- by nature -- aggressive and destructive -- ignorance means to ignore, and when you ignore -- you are not informed; when you’re not informed, you are insecure; when you’re insecure, you are -- by nature -- aggressive against that which you’re ignoring.

These circles and cycles create the times of great confusion; of profound fanaticism, and of ignoring the signs of reality within the facts of science. When reality and facts are ignored, there’s consequences without any awareness of responsibility . . . ignorance does not connect the obvious dots. Throughout history these same times have arisen, times when personal interests run counter to the collective wellness. In the past these times have always been workable . . . the great difference today is in the sheer numbers . . . we are billions. Why would such a time ever exist? The answer is that these times are the foundations of evolution . . . chaos stimulates the greatest growth. A law in classical physics: “for every action, there’s an equal reaction” . . . this world is about to obey the law. Evolution reacts to this chaos of confusion and destruction by activating the massive power within prayer; the knowing within intuition, and the actuality of the miraculous.

Our prayer is that you consider yourself to be a player in this equal reaction; that you engage with the tremendous power inside your prayers; that you cease doubting your intuition and find it answering what you know. You are the answers -- you are the antidote -- you are the reaction to these blaring "microphones" of madness. You’ll find the answers in your silence; you’ll find the words within your wisdom; you’ll find the miracles to believe in . . . make them the miracles we all can live with . . . make up the answers.

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