Just Add Light

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The unfolding of time is a bit like a freeze-dried product (where you just add water)…with time, you just add light. Every moment has every “thing” -- it's a full spectrum. The amount of light you add will determine the nature and outcome of the moment. You can stop time at any point along the spectrum of any moment and draw your conclusion. Under the conditions -- the circumstances -- the conclusions of this stoppage…the moment becomes either a fraud, a failure, a friend, or a phenomenal success. It's all a matter of when, in the spectrum of the moment, you create the stoppage, and add the light. Yogi Bhajan once said, “Don’t be a photograph in a film.” He meant that since time is always changing, moving and altering -- do not stop it -- do not draw an absolute conclusion as to how things are.

For once a conclusion is drawn, you will defend it in order to prove it. Your conclusion becomes more important than being healthy, being flexible, or being happily wrong. This is the nature of human nature…quite different from nature itself. This stoppage of time has defined human existence for as long as humans have existed. It has created the wars of destruction and disruption. It has also produced connections, inventions and accomplishments . . . all determined by the moments of stoppage, and the amount of light. This is why the great masters call spacetime ‘maya’  . . . it’s the ‘illusion’. Every conclusion ever drawn is simply drawn from the “stoppage” -- then supported by more “stoppages.” If you are truly preparing this world for your children's, children's, children and all the generations to follow, then you must see the future -- not as just a variation of the present moment . . . that's not radical enough . . . you must see the future as a complete departure from the present moment. Then the task will be to creatively bridge this present moment into that radical departure.

Our prayer is that you're radical in your thinking and calm in your acting; that you appreciate every moment as a gift to be assembled; that you know the flexibility of spacetime, and you add light to every “stoppage” . . . that’s what enlightenment is.

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