Balance the Polarities

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Men assemble their world around the logical lanes of attempted predictability because they’re uncertain in the presence of ambiguity. Yet it’s important to understand -- ambiguity is the birthplace of creativity -- without uncertainty and unfamiliarity there are no new ideas. Women create a comradery with ambiguity and have a deep respect for the presence of uncertainty. In this reason there’s a natural partnership of creative opportunities when feminine energies are allowed to play out and no one assumes the role of “boss.”

Remember: feminine energy is not always a woman; masculine energy is not always a man . . . it’s the qualities of experientiality at play. The feminine respects ambiguity as the creative aspect of instability. This becomes a true characteristic of the feminine . . . one that births everything. In this birthing process, there’s no ways of knowing everything . . . only a way of sitting in the deep trust of creativity. Currently, men assemble false illusions of certainty . . . pretending to "know" the nature of the future. This is rarely accurate . . . the future combines the known and the unknown and requires the masculine and feminine to work in tandem. This produces good fortune for a future. Walk in the creative power of any old-growth forest and you’ll observe that there are no lanes in true creativity . . . everything coexists naturally. The only aspect of life that does not get along with this fact, are the proprietary attitudes of unnatural lanes . . . the inability of the masculine to allow self organizing systems to structure its inevitable accommodations.

Our prayer is that you balance your masculine with your feminine; that you see the values in these polarities, and that this becomes a fuel that mobilizes all of your relationships.

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