Value Rather Than Accumulation

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The human world has gathered -- over the past centuries -- around the watering holes of capital . . . of money. Like the dinosaurs -- overextending and gorging with habits of excess, sixty million years before -- this is a zero-sum game of severely indulgent ignorance. And, like the dinosaurs, it will lead to the extinction of the species if not immediately corrected. Capital/money was initially invented for the convenience associated with trust. The ease with which trust is able to be exchanged, enhanced the ease with which goods and services were exchanged amongst members in communities, villages, and countries.

Using the local currency was a healthy avoidance of bickering over perceived values . . . trade revolved around the assigned value of currency. This value was set and settled amongst the people of each community . . . the trusting members. When money was gluttonously turned into a commodity -- the trust and exchange became secondary -- the accumulation became a primary goal, and competition, rather than trust, became a focus at the “watering hole.” This is counter productive in the extreme, but what's even more disruptive to human existence is the value assigned to those who accumulate the most. It’s said there are three ways of gathering capital -- effort; trust, or thievery. Effort is the work for reward; trust is representing the greatest value as the self, and thievery -- once thought to be obvious, is not so obvious any more. At the top of the food-chain commanding the “watering holes” of the world, thievery has become the common practice . . . banks steal; corporations steal; individuals steal, and in today’s climate, the thief is admired as a rebel . . . as “self-made.”

Our prayer is that you return to the practice of trust and effort; that you encourage others to maintain the value of environments rather than accumulation, and bypass the ignorance of consumption . . . it's beyond the capacity of this Earth . . . it's producing extinctions.

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