The Momentum Of This Moment  

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Quadrillions of years ago, the multiverse came alive from the infinity of zero . . . the unimaginable nothing. First stage: countless quantum specks appeared throughout the vast expansiveness . . . space before space. Second stage: the quantum specs ballooned at the rate of a million, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion times their initial volume in less than a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second. Stage three: the expansion reduced to the realities of matter -- known today as the laws of physics. And so the story goes -- of course, the more common story is that it all happened 13.8 billion years ago, and it only happened in one location -- but that’s just another version of the flat Earth non-reality that very few are willing to let go of. Either way -- “flat Earth” or “Cosmic reality” -- the question it always raises is…what was going on before this?

Through the telescope of nature we see back into the past and out into the future…we perceive it as an inclination of the topography that’s contained within the present moment. With the number of breaths you are granted in each life, your purpose is to rediscover your connection, within that telescope, through the moments of all life, and into the moment of your life. You are a bridge between the vast past and the unexplained future…all the while dwelling in the moment of observation. You mediate between your life -- all life -- the living Universe -- and life itself. This is an opportunity for your brain and your heart to coordinate and connect. In order for you to get anywhere close to an accurate sensation of this connection, you must realize: one -- there’s far more than one location; two -- there isn’t an understandable number of years that make up the process, and three -- you have no way of ever knowing what was happening before anything was happening…it's beyond, beyond.

Our prayer is that you’re comfortably uncomfortable with this; that you realize you’re tiny in comparison to the nature of nature, and therefore become willing to absorb the vast information that connects you to the momentum of this moment…be here now.

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