“Higher-Key” Of Equality  

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Science has found that there are neurons throughout the body; brain activity in many locations. The second most active region for brain activity in the body is inside the heart . . . they call this the heart-brain. The head-brain works very accurately with two, three and four dimensions -- while the heart-brain lives in the fifth dimension, and relates to the third and fourth dimensions. Two dimensions is the world of right/wrong; good/bad; yes/no, and the likes. Three dimensions are spatial measures, and the fourth dimension is the measurement of sequential time . . . seconds, minutes, and hours. The fifth dimension is the connected realm where the intrinsic common-value within all spacetime appears alongside the measurement of value . . . this is the oneness of all life . . . it’s the realm of deep meditation and dreamtime.

The head-brain always wants to be in charge; it believes that this oneness business is far too dreamy and unrealistic to be practical. But what would actually happen if they worked in full cooperation? The relationship between the head-brain and the heart-brain is a ‘hierarchy’ by the designs of survival evolution. But that ‘hierarchy’ can actually become a ‘higher-key’ to the perception puzzle of life when you create balance and equality. This fifth dimensional equality of the heart-brain, is accessed by a physical-mental-emotional equality outside you. When you determine yourself to be equal and balanced -- with everything you encounter and experience in life -- you set up this cooperative partnership between the head-brain and the heart-brain . . . this is the ‘higher-key’. This higher-key of equality perceives the world through intuitive senses known in Sanskrit as ‘rasa’ or ‘rasayana’. These intuitive senses measure connections as opposed to differences . . . connections are the more successful measures in all relations.

Our prayer is that you get your heart and head to partner on the inside -- to cause all the dimensions to partner on the outside; that you co-operate your life in this higher-key, and live with the dreamtime and real-time combined to create the best-time of your lifetime . . . all the time.

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