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When you trace evolutionary trees back into antiquity, you find a common ancestor with the amazing ability to regenerate lost body parts. Today, fortunate descendants of these creatures, including salamanders, lizards and zebrafish, can still perform this miraculous feat. Humans have lost most of their regenerative powers over millions of years of evolution, but researchers working with the list of genes that enable it in these other animals have found the counterparts are also in humans.

The key difference is not in the existence of the genes, but in the sequences that activate these genes during injury…the “tissue regeneration enhancer elements” (TREEs). The ultimate goal of this research is for humans to activate their dormant regenerative potential; to awaken the genes we all carry; learn to regulate their sequences in injured tissue, and then turn them off when regeneration is done. Mastery knows that everything is controlled by -- either instinctual, or willful -- consciousness. Animals, with the ability to regenerate body parts, have retained their instinctual ability; humans use willfulness, and have lost it over millions of years. Even ten thousand years ago, humans had the botanical sense that allowed them to know when a plant was nutritional, medicinal, or pathological just by being in its presence. What you don’t use you lose, and you lost this ability because you cultivated seeds to grow food and no longer needed to find food…the inactive genes are still there. Imagine what is possible when you reach a more advanced awareness; imagine what is possible in the impossibilities of your life; imagine the goals you possess and realize you have the innate ability to achieve them all…it’s just a matter of willfully turning on the 'activation genes' with your consciousness.

Our prayer is that you take the first steps -- in your meditation, realize your beliefs are not impossible, but possible; build your beliefs into planning your life for when the impossible is not only possible, but actual; sit with this sensation…create a daily practice that enjoys whatever you dream of, and believe your dreams like a child does.

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