The Boundless Ocean Of Loving Possibilities

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Fierce awareness experiences the ocean of immaculate subtlety in which life dwells . . . this is the euphoric substance the ‘sensor-emotional’ system calls “love.” To experience this ocean of love one must be open and vulnerable because the “doorway” into it is so very subtle. To be open and vulnerable one must be unafraid of consequence; to be unafraid of consequences, one must feel safe; to feel safe, one must reinterpret danger, and this is where fierce awareness comes in.

Generally, this ocean of love is only experienced along with the sensation of “external” safety, and when this takes place one has the emotional feeling that someone, or something, is responsible for the love. This is when people say, “I love this,” or “I love you.” This is all wonderful, and it creates relationships, even though it’s not exactly what’s taking place. The “safety” sensation is actually radiating from inside -- not caused by the “outside” at all. The outside (person or thing) is being perceived by your senses within the agendas that influence your senses. This safety, perceived by your senses, can be experienced everywhere with your fierce awareness. It’s appropriate to teach fierce awareness in its greatest depth; to produce such an openness that the sensation of love is experienced everywhere . . . no boundaries . . . no prerequisites . . . no defining characters, or characteristics. This is the task of every spiritual master. And the additional responsibility within this task is to teach and practice the physical boundaries that must accompany the boundlessness. Life and love, within physical matter, is only possible when there are healthy boundaries, definitions, and directions to contain the experiences of boundlessness, for without these boundaries, definitions and directions the result is disruptive to life itself. The great quandary of spiritual mastery . . . “boundless and bound.”

Our prayer is that you experience the boundlessness of love every day; that you honor the boundaries and create a direction, and then use these boundaries and directions to define and accomplish your dreams within the boundless ocean of loving possibilities.

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