This Is Destiny 

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A prime number is a whole number that can only be exactly divided by one and itself. Mathematicians find no exact pattern occurring amongst primes, but they're also not completely random. At the grandest levels there's faint patterns, as the percentage of prime numbers -- within all other numbers -- becomes less than one. The percentage of the occurrences of primes, at levels just less than infinity, surprisingly is the numbers of ‘Pi’ -- (.31415%). Life is math. The ‘Soul’ is a prime number . . . it can only be divided by one and itself . . . it doesn’t change with any division.

Those who relate to everything as a part of ‘one’ and equate this to ‘self’, are living in a relationship with the Soul . . . they’re living in what's known as ‘destiny’ as opposed to ‘fate’. Those who believe the complexities and irregularities of life are being manipulated and controlled by others . . . other than the one ‘self’, they’re living in ‘fate’ . . . emotions and feelings are in charge. Life is math . . . the percentage of humans who live in their ‘destiny’ is about (3.3%) . . . the percentage of humans who are on the threshold of mastering this relationship is surprisingly low and repetitious of the percentage of prime numbers near infinity -- (.31415%). That’s 23 million people, in today’s world, mastering their ‘destiny’. There’s a powerful reason for mastering your ‘destiny’; for experiencing the synchrony of your role within each circumstance . . . it creates a ‘momentum of gratitude’. When you arrive at a challenging threshold -- any moment of perplexity -- this ‘momentum of gratitude’ enables you to find the key; turn the lock, and open the doorway forward . . . overriding the controls of your feelings and emotions. This is destiny . . . there's a phenomenon of accuracy amongst all the chaos.

Our prayer is that you rediscover the accuracy that’s always available; take full responsibility for all that's occurring and allow this responsibility to give the ability to respond accurately; then, within the options of opportunities, your choices have gratitude . . . life becomes math . . . it all adds up to your destiny.

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