Illuminated Evolution 

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Think about any point of agitation, of mental aggressiveness -- not in the form of physical aggression -- but in the form of fast moving, problem solving thoughts. Two things become exceedingly clear: (1) mental aggressiveness stimulates the inventiveness to overcome hardships; (2) these very hardships were actually created by the aggressive nature of the mind.

When the mind moves rapidly it bypasses the openings -- the opportunities -- in spacetime that are everywhere always, and instead it circles the perceived dangers, that are also everywhere. This is the root of hardship . . . when you orbit danger, you make danger the most important part of the moment . . . you focus on danger to avoid its dangerous impact. This is the way the brain is set up . . . it’s a two dimensional approach that circles and obsesses in order to control. Here is the root of hardships; struggles, and disagreements . . . circling the seedling produces the tree . . . the molehill becomes the mountain. “Civilization” believes it is extremely inventive; that it’s brilliance and inventiveness has saved it from demise. But when you trace the evolutionary path of an illumined state, against the path of this inventive state, you find the illumined brilliance shines with the unreasonable knowing of wisdom; of joyfully accepting the answers that are always there, and the ease of receiving these solutions with gratitude. The inventive state wants to achieve with ego; it eventually burns up in its brilliant blaze of excitement and fear; using frustration as a motive, it pursues the solutions it believes are missing . . . all producing the fire of an imagined danger.

Our prayer is for your unreasonable knowing that creates self-recognition and self-realization; for you to shine in the light of this knowing and accept the answers that surround you…the answers that accompany every question…the solutions that accompany every problem. This all becomes clear to the non-aggressive mind. Be the calm you want to embrace; be the peace you want to live with; be the change you want to see, and accept the complete lack of danger in the love that makes all matter possible.

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