Inclusive Awareness 

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Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century India, invented an instrument called the crescograph. It measured the actual life-force within minerals, and found that minerals and plants both have responses to human behavior. He discovered that trees have a surprisingly complex range of electrical activity including circadian rhythms that respond to the waxing and waning of the sun and moon’s gravitational pull. Further studied at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, experiments found that trees and all plants have a reaction to human emotions and thought. Rock formations, deep in the Earth, act like batteries when stressed by tectonic forces of the continental plates; this can be measured and will eventually detect the earliest stages of earthquakes. These same electrical and magnetic charges, flowing through the deep rock formations, cause parallel responses in the electrical and magnetic activities of the great forests around the world.

All this, Dr. Bose concluded, connects to the crystal formations present in all matter . . . more densely collected in certain forms of matter, but present everywhere. He further discovered in studying crystal formations, if you rest metal -- that's been used extensively -- it will regain tinsel strength. He concluded and measured . . . all matter is alive; all matter has a consciousness; all matter is consciously aware of the consciousness of other matter . . . everything interrelates with an association to time; to space, and is a carrier of soul energy. The ultimate consciousness of humanity will be to honor all matter as a part of the collective life-force. This incredibly inclusive awareness connects directly to your evolution of consciousness . . . to your journey of enlightenment . . . a liberation that honors everything.

Our prayer is that you’re aware of the omnipresence of life; that you’re conscious of the consciousness within all life; that your intentions and actions honor this, and builds your lifestyle to respect and sustain the Earth . . . your ultimate source of physical life . . . your Mother.

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