Aggressive Saintliness  

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The spirit-community based organizations of today’s world are not using the advantage and profundity of their enlightened teachings to make systemic changes at the wholesale levels of society. For the most part, they seek to protect their traditions and their IP from the fictional predators while waiting for a sign to advance. If your waiting for a sign, take the hint, the signs are all around you. You’re protecting traditions at the base of your teachings -- ones that are thousands of years old -- while living an entitled role of spiritual camaraderie . . . yet the cycles of evolution’s evolution are speeding past your indolence.

On the other side of this devolving equation are the hoards of unevolved humans -- always present by the very nature of human nature -- the ones who are aggressively waging wars for territory and a dominance in this world that can afford neither. There has never been a time on Earth with more of a need to work within these dynamics. There has never been a time on Earth with more need for coming up with solutions and keeping up when natural opposition assaults them. There has never been a time on Earth with more need for expanding the privilege of the traditional teaching systems to include new energies -- calibrated to contribute new solutions -- for the completely new problems of this time. These solutions are found when innovation and creativity are applied on top of the existing teachings of mastery. You are the new Prophets; you are the new Messiahs; you are the ones who’ve been born into these cataclysmic times to render solutions from the midst of every disaster. You are the ones who are to step up and keep up under these pressures.

Our prayer is that you read the signs and answer the call; that you pick up your talents of excellence from the ancient memories of your disbeliefs, and lift the spirit of this world out of indolence with an aggressive saintliness.

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