It’s Within You  

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The fabric of spacetime stretches -- spiraling in elliptical bubbles -- throughout the seemingly endless post-etheric space. This is the environment that astronomers and astrophysicists proudly strive to measure with their “yards-stick” like instruments of telescopes; space-telescopes; electron-telescopes, and graviton-telescopes. But nothing, that astronomy, or astrophysics has, can get anywhere close to the caliber of an instrument that would be required to measure the nature of this fabric -- for this fabric stretches into dimensions and materials that have never been known. You cannot measure what you do not know -- you can only measure what can be projected from what has already been . . . beyond that, everything is immeasurable by your standards.

In order to imagine that which has never been known, you must imagine when you yourself haven’t been known . . . understand when you have been nothing . . . in between your existence periods. In that nothingness, you must be willing to accept explanations that explain nothing . . . nothing that you are aware of that is. When you relax within these explanations -- without the need to jump to the conclusion of -- “this makes no sense” -- then you’re on the threshold of discovering the unknown, in the uncharted, within the unfathomable. At the furthest edge of this “territory” . . . within this fully stretched imagination . . . you will have perhaps found a single faint ‘minute’ thread in the fabric of spacetime, the fabric that spirals on the surface of your own elliptical bubble of a Universe within the massive megaverse, within the boundless multiverse. This is the bubble that is not perceivable with any of the “yardstick” like instruments your scientists so proudly use . . . you see, the key to measuring that far out there, is not out there at all . . . it’s within you.

Our prayer is that you are fully surrendered to measuring the furthest reaches of all possibilities by knowing it in yourself; that you reduce the two-dimensional polarities that constantly tell you there are limits, and expand your Universe to include that which does not yet exist.

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