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Paramahansa Yogananda expressed: “There’s an infinite number of universes floating amongst the cosmic realms.” Guru Nanak said it in the verses of Japji Sahib: “There are worlds upon worlds; universes upon universes.” This vastness of infinity is known to you when you reduce the noise dominating your senses. This noise is interference -- you're unable to comprehend beyond your sensory horizons . . . your higher imagination is blocked and the Earth seems like it’s all there is. Planet Earth is actually an extremely underconscious planet in a super-conscious Multiverse. It’s an incubator planet that’s developing life for further evolution elsewhere once it’s matured. On such a planet, the awareness of the dominant life-form is often less conscious than the surrounding nature.

But extreme protocols must be adhered to when this happens. One such protocol: the dominant life-form -- in this case humans -- must never achieve the destructive abilities greater than life. Earth exceeded this in 1945 with nuclear weapons. When life reaches this ‘never-zone’ -- the reactions are massive reproduction to prevent extinction. Citrus farmers have used this method for centuries. Just before budding season, they create a false drought by cutting off water. The trees, believing they’re dying, produce excessive fruit . . . seeds to insure the unsure future. Once new buds appear, the farmer irrigates and the fruit fills with the liquid of life. 1945’s response -- the baby boom -- is creating populations beyond sustainability if the collective consciousness of humanity remains below critical nature. Today’s ignorance, phobia and bigotry are the under-conscious; unevolved states within this critical ‘never-zone’.

Our prayer is that you recognize you’ve come from a planet more advanced in the future; that you’ve been through this before and know the way through; that you use your super-awareness as a leader to inspire humans on Earth to maintain it as an incubator of life. Humanity doesn’t know it, but it’s counting on you.

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