A Courageous, Sustainable, Brighter Future 

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Frogs are a wonder of biological transformation. They’re born a fish (a tadpole) and transform into an amphibian breathing air. As the tadpole grows -- a fish in the water -- there comes a time when its gills are deteriorating and the tadpole is dying. In desperation -- and in a unique act of courage -- the tadpole thrusts its head out of the water, and for the first time, breathes air directly into its lungs.

The pain is incredible, but the frog now knows this is the only way, and the pain of growing into this unknown is worthwhile. The amount of courage it takes to make this decision is immeasurable, and the amount of desperation it takes is unimaginable. The combination of these two qualities is a cataclysmic crisis of evolution. This is the state that humans have now reached in their passage of time over eons. You’ve reached the point in which your known ways are dying . . . there’s a most desperate weakening within these unnatural times. You must thrust your head out of the dimensions you’ve been familiar with for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s time to step freely into the dimensions of higher spirit. You are all the prophecies and the prophets, and to breathe this new spirit -- just like the frogs -- you must transform your ‘cœur’ (the heart in French) into courage (a time of your heart). This is not an easy step and will require considerable desperation within your courageous awareness. Awareness must experience this desperation honestly . . . no distractions of entertainment.

Our prayer is that you discover the frog in you; that you’re ready, willing and able to thrust your courageous awareness into the dimensions beyond your greatest imagination; that you believe this is your destiny, and then ride the winds of higher spirit toward a courageous, sustainable, brighter future.

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