Raise Frequency

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Everything in life is a relationship, and when your thoughts are not supporting the joys of life, it's a signal you need to raise the frequency of the relation to your body. Create practices such as proper diet; proper rest; proper exercise; stretching into your body-glove; raising your heart rate, deep breathing -- and breath of fire -- to remove carbon dioxide from the less active alveoli sacs in your lungs and add oxygen to your blood. This all raises the frequency of your physical body, which includes the brain, and when the brain frequency raises, your thoughts come from higher frequencies in the universal mind.

When you’re exercising and deeply breathing, the diaphragm moves the spine in such a way that your cerebral-spinal fluid begins to move your cranium and brain. This is microscopic, but the differences in clarity are profound. Creative, constructive thoughts come rapidly into this opportunity. When this is happening, the fluids are breathing and moving, then the crystals within this fluid align to transmit Kundalini energy -- a light force from the light source -- through your entire system from the bottom of your body to the top of your crown. Your brain lights up as a higher awareness; thoughts become intuitive; your ideas become revolutionary, and your life becomes a earthshaker, rainmaker, firestarter, wind-blower and source of the 'phantom quantum' . . . all five elements are at your command. Those who are blessed to occupy this stone in space called Earth have a responsibility to think and feel at these higher, more selfless, frequencies right now.

Our prayer is that you’re one of the ones who is here to make this difference; that you’re one of the ones who knows you’re the one who must dedicate your life to being the tide that raises all relation’ships’. 

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