Make Mistakes And Love Them  

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There’s an old saying, “Tis better to give than to receive.” Yogis and spiritual masters realized the opposite to be true quite long ago . . . they realized that nature can’t give anything without first receiving. Therefore, it’s only possible to receive -- and then give. Anything that’s given, that hasn’t first been received, has been stolen. Receiving is the initial step; it’s the way of the heart . . . you give when you’ve received to the point of overflowing.

It’s not only material, it’s also overflowing with love that carries material with it . . . this is nature’s abundance and the way of service. When your cup overflows, there’s no sense of actually giving -- you’re just abundant, and grateful, and full, and flowing over. This is also the quantum law of the material Universe . . . the true nature of prosperity . . . everything is everywhere and endlessly occurring always. When this is truly your relationship with matter -- when you’re receiving and you do not feel indebted -- when you’re giving and you’re not taking credit; you’re not keeping score; you’re not holding debt . . . this is love. When life is experienced at this level -- it’s experienced as ease, joy, knowing, and complete freedom . . . this is that “overflowing-cup.” In order to experience life at this level of love: deeply embrace your highest value, naturally; consume any negativity as pure fuel . . . no other interpretations; believe mistakes are the pathway to getting it right, and do what you don’t know how to do. Children have these qualities -- it’s the way they learn and grow. Fear has to be taught to them -- it’s thought to be safe, but this form of safety is dangerous -- it doesn’t learn; it doesn’t grow; it doesn’t teach, or overflow.

Our prayer is that you make all the mistakes you can and love them; work through their lessons quickly and grow beyond them to the point of being full; receive this fullness without indebtedness . . . whatever negativity you encounter along the way, just think of it as fuel for the path to overflowing. Be a master who benefits everyone without keeping score . . . receive and overflow.

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