Continuous Connections 

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All that has already happened in the world -- the light and sound vibrations of all events -- is still in motion across the universe, and will be in motion until the momentum is released. Even the momentum in your DNA lasts for seven generations . . . this is two hundred and fifty four ancestors who are influencing you. This is the continuation of their epigenetic momentum living out through your thoughts and feelings. Such is the continuum of the past, and there’s also a continuum of the future . . . all that’s yet to happen already exists as a vibrational distribution of the parts . . . waiting for the 'confluence' to assemble the future of now.

Having foreknowledge is intuition . . . the clear view of all the inclinations existing amongst these parts that assemble the future. This accumulation contains tipping points that trigger the inclinations of this distribution and assemble the exact result. When you trace back from any point in this process, you realize everything that’s going to be, already exists . . . just not yet assembled. When you reach out beyond the limited appearance of time, you enter the momentum of this assembling assemblage. A single sequence of time displays limitations, but this is only a portion of the total. When your awareness stretches beyond this sequence and into the entire consequence -- and you do this with benevolence -- the entire assemblage will appear in all the possible forms for your influence on the confluence. This is true alchemy. You’re able to influence this world of three and four dimensions of spacetime with benevolent intentions. It’s a reflection, deflection, and refraction within this intentional process . . . a consequence of every other moment in time. All the waves that were ever produced, affecting every other moment that will ever exist.

Our prayer is that you’re aware of these continuous connections and use them to achieve benevolent goals; that you work with the waves of momentum to accumulate better moments; that through your faith and hope you expose the joy that’s a part of all times, and that you breathe prosperity into the needs of those less fortunate all over the world. 

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