Imagine It, Be It 

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With a powerful enough telescope, you can see as far into the space of space as millions and billions of light years away. The light you're seeing in these images come from star systems that may have been born, lived, and have already died all before you’re seeing them. Imagine another capacity: you have an even more powerful telescope within your own brain; you can see not only the star-systems at great distance, but you can see down into the planets within these systems, and the even lives of the beings that are living on these planets . . . certainly in a multiverse as large as ‘near-infinity’ you don’t believe you’re the only ones.

So you’re viewing the moments in these lives that have taken place thousands, millions, even billions of years ago and you’re viewing it as if it’s in the present tense . . . interacting with this view would be interacting with that which was. Now imagine further . . . since there’s always a reaction that’s equal to every action, it's therefore possible that you’re also able to act with lives in the future . . . the light, by the way, is always there. So now you must ask yourself, “Why do you limit the view of life that you interact with; why do you believe any of the limitations that you believe in; how can you break the spell and capture the wealth from the past, and the future, for the presentation of your presence?” This is the great quest of all the questions that have stimulated consciousness forever. To become that which you are to be, you must accept that this is what you’ve always been. This is the nature of your destiny; this is the nature of your capacity; this is the nature of your projection throughout spirit when you release any sense that you are “desperate” . . . meaning without spirit.

Our prayer is that you look out through “time” and visualize that you are right on time; that you look out through time and realize it’s your time to be everything imaginable; that you look out through time and give yourself the authority to have the time of your life with the time of your life . . . for it’s always all yours forever. 

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