Face It To Embrace It

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Amongst human beings, there’s rarely a pure sense of how things truly are; of what’s actually taking place in any given moment. This is the rare state of conscious mastery . . . the awakening that the great masters experienced throughout time. There’s an innate human ability however, to connect in this way to the source, to experience the origins of where everything comes from, but it’s rare for anyone to experience this ability. Instead, humanity is mostly attempting to reconcile their fears, doubts and concerns.

There’s a very old saying amongst the awakened ones -- “That which you don’t embrace, you’ll have to face until you do.” In other words, when you set something up in your fears and doubts -- when you avoid connecting because of your emotional blockages -- you’ll have to face it in some form and embrace it in order to resolve the fears and doubts that separate you from the moment. Having the ability to experience the world at its source delivers an understanding of how each moment arrives at this moment. This is what’s called, “experiencing the way it is.” This ability to see the source is what was known as a source-seer . . . [sorcerer] in modern language. This was the original teachings of all the great religions -- the prophets would teach what they themselves had mastered, and the followers would become as adept as the prophet . . . they were called “Adepts”. Even the name religion, comes from the conjoining of the two words [realize-origin] . . . to realize and recognize the origin or source. Over time, the competitive emotions spread amongst the practitioners, and then, to reduce this conflict, the religious systems turned toward only worshipping the prophet and withholding the teachings.

Our prayer is that you’re determined to become a master in your own right, and know that you have this right; that you use all the great disciplines and technologies to experience yourself; to recognize yourself; to become as great as anyone who’s ever lived; to discipline your life as a disciple and experience reality . . . to have the pure sense of how things truly are. 

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