The Feminine Part 

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Today's world does not recognize the full power of half of the physical creation. This is the half that’s based in the feminine. The women of the world at this time are tasked with the obligation to insist on this changing before it’s too late. This is the base nature of the world’s conflicts . . . even pollution is the negligence and disrespect for the mother . . . the Mother Earth. This disrespect of the feminine has been present for tens of thousands of years, but it’s now becoming obvious and collectively painful. The portion of material physics that’s obvious and predictable and measureable is logic.

This (law-gic) makes laws. There’s another half available and essential -- the half that has no obvious characteristics, but is equally as real. This is the magic half -- the “ma” -- the “mir” of miracle . . . the mother. It’s unpredictable, unobservable, and unmeasurable, yet none of these characteristics create chaos. Chaos is a product of the logical brain’s desire for measurement and predictability. Magic (miracles) happen when you release this logical desire to interfere with the infinite creativity. The miraculous ways of the feminine produce that which can then be logically measured. The current world -- the world of the patriarchy -- is obsessed with measurement and “law and order” -- and there must be a natural order, in order for lives to coexist. But there must also be the flexibility of disorder, in order for life to continue. Without creativity there’s no evolution, and without evolution -- stagnation, pollution and corruption will dominate and destroy.

Our prayer is to the mothers in everything; to the feminine part of everyone; to the part of you that is unmeasurable and beautifully unpredictable . . . set it free and insist on its freedom . . . let it be the joy that’s at your core . . . let it create the future so that life can prosper . . . respect all women. 

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