Real Health + Healing 

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When obsession with image has become primary in human interaction, it stimulates the economy, but never embraces harmony . . . fixating on competition and comparison . . . pain is the natural result. The modern economy has been delegated to capitalizing on competition. “All is fair in love and war” . . . “The art of war” are acknowledged primers for “success”.

But life and living are not nourished in competition; the realization that life is a sacred gift, endowed to carry consciousness through a living experience does not have a need to compete. Your physical life is a transceiver: you transmit an image of physical light -- it reflects off everything and returns as the image of your environment. You live in this environment to achieve a realization of you. With this reflection in your senses -- you feel; you think, and you grow with “beauty being in your own eyes”. Add the element of competition and comparison to this, and your life stops growing forward and runs in comparison-circles. This has been humanity’s journey for the past thousand years . . . about to consume the planet beyond livability. For when life focuses on image, the physical world consumes to satisfy the high maintenance of insecurity . . . no time is left to nourish the consciousness . . . no sense of an ultimate fulfillment. Now is the time to account for life and determine how much is contracting with image. There’s a mindset beyond image, an opportunity to connect -- to be mindful of your moments -- to tune the body instrument for supporting health . . . this will actually provide a profound image . . . the image of harmony.

Our prayer is that you use your body to create a healing experience; that you release your ‘self’ from the collective slavery of image, and focus on the wisdom of connecting mind with body to achieve harmony. This focus enables real health and healing . . . the image that results is a revelation; a realization . . . the image of you being you is the most beautiful you. 

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