Overwrite The Collective Confusion

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The center of infinity is everywhere you are, and it’s essential -- in the process of experiencing your center -- to be consciously aware of right where you are. The key to being right where you are, is to be exactly ‘who’ you are. This will always start out a bit frightening . . . it’s unfamiliar . . . it’s that stranger in the even stranger land syndrome. And yet the pure definition of mastery -- of being a master -- is one who is identical in character no matter what’s taking place . . . always clear and balanced. In today’s world, people use attractions and distractions -- empire, power, wealth, vanity and other addictions -- to mitigate the sensations of ever being that stranger.

These are empty ghosts in the shadows of that centeredness . . . they ‘lurk’ as false securities being clutched and pursued in the turbulent waves of public interactions. And it’s upon these waves that humanity has been riding toward today since coming out of those pre-historic forests and into “civilization” . . . which has never been civilized. Today’s economic, political, and socially bigoted attitudes are simply the varieties of views and postures -- literally a spell cast upon humanity -- within these turbulent and meaningless waves. Your task is to break this spell -- to calm the waves -- to have psycho-emotional clarity and live beyond the mysteries, attractions, addictions and distractions. It’s to live as the person you are -- wherever you are -- and this takes daily discipline. This is the primary reason for practicing meditation, mantra, yoga and conscious breathing . . . to master the mystery.

Our prayer is that you’re inspired to break the spell; that you’re dedicated to being who you are -- wherever you are. Spend time each day beyond the illusion -- overwrite the collective confusion -- become the center of your infinity . . . you were born here . . . now it’s time to live here. 

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