Cherish the Animals

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Domestic animals are some of the greatest friends that humans have ever had, and it's been this way since they became attracted to us, starting over twenty thousand years ago. They began slowly living nearer to us because of their curiosity and trust, their profound ability to learn and teach, and their talent for experiencing life from the heart of the moment. This was extremely attractive to humanity at a time when the pre-frontal lobe of the human brain was evolving rapidly; processing the relationship with spacetime in new and confusing ways and scattering the human sensory perception into the winds of the illusion of time . . . the past and the future were forming from present space. Dogs brought their loyalty; cats delivered aware curiosity; horses gave the power of directness, and cows, sheep, goats, oxen and pigs supplied deeply intelligent sincerity.

Loyalty, curiosity, directness, and intelligent sincerity gave humans stability in an unstable time of history, and this was an extreme advantage that accelerated the human world of discovery. But then, some ten thousand years ago, a treacherous mistake was made . . . humans began to murder and eat these dear friends, because they could . . . it was easy. The consequences of this crime altered the core of the human psyche, and this criminal mind has reverberated throughout everything human from that moment forward. The most blatantly murderous and dangerous creature on the planet, the frequency of human awareness is still trapped at the crime scene . . . the human brain is fixated on danger, incessant terror and a constant need for vengeance. In the present form, humans even murder the future generations in the greed of their consumption with abandon.

Our prayer is that your life serves as an example of alternatives to this criminal world; that you live a life of compassion, and connect with all animal life as life, not food; that you cherish the animals that have gathered in your trust and fully embrace the gathering . . . deliver life, not death, to the future. 

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