It's All About Time

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When you have an idea; when you have a dream project; when you have a goal to achieve, it's up to you to listen closely -- to intuit deeply -- to allow the project to tell you how much time it needs to grow and complete itself. It's then up to you to allow for this amount of time and enable your task or project -- like any living creature -- to grow at its own pace. A project is like a child, and children have their own destiny and within this destiny there's a timeline. When any part of this timeline is broken, when the linear nature of this time is disrupted, the dream of the project becomes a nightmare. At this point you find yourself pushing and pulling on time . . . time becomes the tension, pressure, stress and friction of its core. It becomes a frustration rather than a pathway to a destination. 

Whenever you find yourself frustrated with time, or frustrated with the measurement of time -- which is money -- this is when time is no longer your friend. At this moment it's time to stop measuring and start listening. A frustration with time is a disconnect -- you're disconnected from the destination -- you're disconnected from the moment -- you've lost your momentum. Time is the only gift you actually own, everything else is a rental, or a lease . . . even your body is on lease, for when your breaths are done, you return it to the Earth. When you respect the value of your time; when you connect to this respect and allow time to speak with you, it will tell you how much of it is required for everything you need or desire. Then, it's up to you to determine if you will spend the time for each of these desires . . . this is connection, this is value, this is you in touch with your value . . . this is ease, joy, knowng and freedom.

Our prayer is that you respect the time you own . . . this values your life; that you listen to the wisdom of your time . . . this respects your value; that you allow this wisdom to correlate and manifest your desires on time, and that you realize that you're right on time . . . it is your time to have the time of your life . . . it's all about time.

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