Breathe And Believe

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Humanity is currently on the inside of a raging global civil war . . . a war against civility, authenticity, honesty, and life's very existence. In such a moment of history, time is a wonderful friend, but it can also become a far harsher master if you allow it to become your leader. Time, as a leading teacher, is harsh and unrelenting. Instead of allowing time to resolve the current issues, it’s important to employ your absolute beliefs; let them do the heavy lifting . . . your task is to breathe and believe. This will guide your way out of the current wars of three-dimensional space and the fourth dimension of “time is money.”

You’ll be free in a freedom of envelopment wrapping around your moments. Envelopment is the presence of total equilibrium, balance, and union (yoga). Envelopment is an intuitive leveraging; it's a masterful observation that sees without the distortions of what seems to be . . . no personal agendas getting in the way. It's the quality of equality . . . absolute comprehension combined with empathy. This is the new evolution, an evolution preparing for a future beyond this civil war. It’s not a new system, nor is it a new organization -- it’s an entirely new organism. The future is not about large organizations -- such as nations, religions, and corporations -- the future is about an independence gathered around deeply committed interdependent organisms. It’s about individuals with distributed power and connections and an enveloping attitude.

Our prayer is that you accept this new form with its challenges, opportunities and growth to stop this raging civility war; that you take a courageous role at a core-level, and share love with “everyone’s a child" . . . replacing their natural fear with natural faith . . . the way through every blockade . . . an assurance it will be OK. 

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