Walking a Wire

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There's a pitched financial battle in today's world between the banks that are corrupt, and the banks that are clearly and severely criminal. The banks that are corrupt are the banks appearing as your friend. The banks that are severely criminal, are the banks run by oligarchs -- they’re laundering illegal money for the warlords; drug kings; the mobsters and mafia around the world. Some of these criminal banks are deep in the central banking systems of rogue nations, and by global financial association, this seeps into other banks like a virus. With common goals amongst financial institutions, there’s definitely honor amongst these thieves. In 1918, eighty-five percent of all money was in circulation on the streets . . . there were one and a half billion people on Earth. Today, eighty-five percent of all money is not reaching the streets -- but held in investment accounts -- and there are nearly eight billion people on Earth. Money on the street buys food, clothing and shelter for the masses; money held out of this circulation -- for any reason -- buys favors for the greedy, fearful, and ruthless global powerbrokers.

This has become pandemic, and poverty, starvation, mass-migration, war and disease are the resulting dilemmas. Both the corrupt banks and the criminal banks are participating in this game of keep-away; both of these systems are controlling the policies of governance that fail to respond to these pandemics. There’s no way to overcome this until the most courageous decide to organize and walk the wire between the way it is, and the way it will have become. This is a wire that’s hard to balance on; this is a wire that’s hard to find the nerves for, and this is the wire that all of the great masters in history have walked. Some have called it the edge of the sword, but in this time of extreme violence, that metaphor has obvious flaws.

Our prayer is that you take your steps on this wire; that you find your balance point and the willpower to succeed at this, and then walk as if life depends on you . . . because it does. 

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