Live In Truth Without Opinion  

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The blossoming of life is the continuous intertwining of seeds, to sprouts, to flowers, to seeds . . . the essence that existence displays in this process is continuously within each moment. The ancients used these cycles, in their oral teachings, to weave the changing times into the unchanging truths. But now, everything is in written teachings, there’s constant room for interpretation, and when symbols and signals are interpreted, they’re no longer consistent. By default, human interpretations rely on comfort to draw conclusions. When symbols and signals have oral teachers they’re not interpreted, and comfort never comes into the picture . . . truth is understood as an essence of the tension, pressure, stress, and friction that creates matter in the first place.

This is why it’s said, “The difference between mythology and history is that mythology is true.” Even with the myths of dark and uncomfortable times, the characters displayed truth as a constant . . . destiny -- based on truth -- unfolded without the interpretations of circumstance. The “Once upon a time,” was upon time, not within the time, or influenced by the time. Time, as a layer of comfort and “self,” is invisible in the constants of truth, and solutions are angles in the layers of time that isn't . . . nothing changing. Directions wrap up in the depths of this perspective and the variables of what is to be already exist as solutions. It fits into the experience of whenever you are . . . that’s the moment of now . . . all this time goes on forever . . . truth never changing with the darkness of interpretation.

Our prayer is that you move into the moment of now -- be present in your presence; learn without interpretations; live in truth without opinion, and the seeds of forever will give birth to the sprouts and flowers of your life. 

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