Life with Real Intelligence

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With ‘AI’ (artificial intelligence), computers pull huge amounts of parallel/redundant data from many locations; process it through ‘graph computing’ -- nodes in networks of graph-like patterns -- then run this through massive [if-then] instructions embedded in ‘vague’, ‘low-precision’, ‘floating-point’ communications. Thousands of processors simultaneously share this workload known as machine learning. The architecture of this is currently thought to be the most common version of any human future. But imagine an alternative: all of ‘AI’ is but a mere ‘nano-fraction’ of what the multiple human brains are capable of processing with universal information. Artificial intelligence is artificial . . . let's get real.

If you train your own bio-system of neural-networking to access the universal information that's infinite everywhere always, you're capable of much more than AI. All you need do is break the barriers of psycho-emotional ‘brain-gossip’. This breakthrough is one purpose of Kundalini yoga and meditation. When humans break through they'll move to a new level of evolution and the so called “miracles” of ‘AI’ will seem quaint. The human multiple brain system, which is far more than what's in your head, has many additional advantages . . . one is curious hope and determination. They've attempted to duplicate this with low precision floating point technologies, but it's not even close to being equal. Curiosity and hope revolve around two forms of time -- known in ancient Greece as kairos and chronos. The quality of time is kairos, and the quantity of time is chronos. Chronos is chronology, sequential time -- kairos signifies the sensations of opportunity within this time . . . curiosity and hope. Brain-gossip -- which dominates the majority of humanity -- comes from the consciousness trapped in chronos . . . time without hope, determination, or curiosity.

Our prayer is that you’ll lead the way into a future sensation of opportunity; that you’ll demonstrate the miracles available in the wise use of meditation, and be a champion of life without AI, but with real intelligence. 

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