Ignore Hierarchies

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Before your 84,000 human incarnations, you've lived throughout the cosmos -- on planets from the future, and far into the past -- 8.4 million incarnations in other forms. Your consolidated assignments all moving identity onto infinity. Many incarnations served to change the course of human history -- all of them changed the course of your history. You’ve been minerals; untold varieties of the plants, and so many animals, you could never count. The horse is an animal that changed the course of human history, as did the dog, the elephant, and the camel. You’ve been all of these, and profited from the experiences. Researchers have examined DNA taken from twenty nine horse bones unearthed in Siberia that date back 16,000 to 43,000 years, Compared to DNA from five breeds of modern domesticated horses they found horses lost tremendous power once contacted by humans.

This raises curiosity on the common belief that humans are the highest animal form. Perhaps you're just another form . . . no hierarchies. Maybe hierarchies are a human neurosis. Animals have sophisticated languages using signals for which humans have no recognition . . .  languages, you not only don't understand, but you don’t even know they exist. You therefore relegate all others to being inferior. Imagine this  -- the octopus, squid, and cuttlefish have an evolutionary history dating back over five hundred million years, a period long before plants moved onto land. These creatures inhabit nearly every ocean at almost every depth. Their languaging has been developing for five hundred times longer than humans, and their genome shows a never-before-seen level of complexity . . .  a staggering 33,000 protein-coding genes, while humans have only 19,000. Can you really be certain you’re superior? Researchers conclude these creatures have alien DNA . . . they’ve come from an entirely different star system. Perhaps there are no hierarchies, perhaps this is just an inferiority complex, unique to human competitiveness. Human history is so short compared to these creatures.

Our prayer is that you ignore hierarchies and dedicate yourself to connecting keys.

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