Your Immortal Character

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Immortal authority -- the authority of your soul -- the authority of forever aligned with cosmic nature. Cosmic nature connects mother nature to the universe . . . immortal authority is your conduit. Humans generally live outside this connection. How long has it been like this? The simple answer is -- with a few exceptions -- this fifth advent of humans on Earth has never been on track. The Human race -- this time around -- is a virtual obstacle course of lower consciousness. Diet has been a huge factor in this -- humans are still gorging on barbaric blood kill that enabled survival in the ice ages. It’s up to you to lead the navigation out of “Barbaria.” Leadership in Barbarian politics is a territorial throwback to the carnivores, and politicians as malevolent bosses are light years from the leadership required to sustain a planet.

In the layered complexities of the human brain-mind connections, when you give yourself immortal authority, it works on the non-cognitive layer, a doorway into the higher consciousness where countless avenues -- invisible to the five senses -- are made available by engaging in the trust of loving kindness. This fears nothing. These non-cognitive layers of the brain-mind connection slip through challenges and into the solutions that coexist. This dissolves epigenetic trauma that’s been in your system for generations. Current science -- with mathematical projections on epigenetic DNA -- proves exactly what the ancient masters claimed. “Seven generations of human DNA genetically influences everyone.” This means you have two hundred and fifty four ancestors affecting your moments from the crystal solutions in the DNA liquid. To perceive beyond this genetic influence is a huge responsibility -- it eliminates the self interest of Barbaria. When you clear this pathway, you're at the rare altitude of mastery. This is where you'll be questioned as to your authority, but alas, you'll respond, “I have immortal authority.”

Our prayer is that you're responsible for this authority, and take in stride your immortal character aligned with the soul that depends on you.

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