Your Eternal Nature

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Of the Buddha, his followers throughout their many lifetimes often said, “During the sixty-six trillion, million aeons that he will live, may I continuously be his student, and uphold the teachings without forgetting.” Then, with all this being promised during the lifetimes, after he passed into nirvana they reported: “His teachings will remain vibrating for three times six hundred billion, million aeons” . . . an aeon is a million Earth years. This is one of the techniques these students had of forcing their human brain to accept the power of imagining forever.

They created an image that was far larger than the imagination. For sure there's other options worth considering, and all of these are a part of the universal mind’s connection with the collective human mind, yet connecting to the power of forever is the common thread of becoming your highest self. When you declare your capacity to take advantage of your forever, you pick up the methods of outlasting all finite forces in opposition to your success. This is one of the countless teachings of the higher collective mind; one of the many ways of accessing the universal mind and its unformed wisdom; a way to walk the “way of the way” as is the meaning of Tao, and an ability to access your greatest ability.

Our prayer is that you’re aware of your eternal nature within every moment of your routines; that you’re in touch with the nature of everywhere while you exist anywhere; that you honor this infinity while maintaining a groundedness in your finite definition -- your identity -- and with this balance, you’re able to achieve the natural and supernatural aspects of fulfillment.

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