There Are No Limits Anywhere

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Eighty-five percent of all gravity in the universe has no known source -- it comes from the gathering of “dark matter” . . . the invisible makings of all realms unoccupied by three dimensional events. There's also a mysterious pressure in this same vacuum of space that's accelerating its expansion against this gravity. Gravity, by logic, would naturally slow this all down, but this universe is accelerating, not slowing down. When you add dark matter to dark energy, this represents ninety-five percent of this universe. And this will ultimately become the raw “material” of all the greatest advancements known to the future of humanity . . . if humanity lives through the barbaric savagery that's taking place in today’s violent human nature.

This savagery eclipses all the integrity, honesty and dignity that are necessary to advance life through to this new era of awakening. All of this dark matter and dark energy are equal to the mystery that electricity presented, hundreds of years before the power was harnessed. Electricity had been around here forever -- but humanity was unable to harness it until it believed that it could, and then discovered how. The human brain phases like a quasar cycling through the waves of time. To be a fly on the wall in this command center of your own consciousness, is the path to discovering the brilliant future in the chaos of now. Every meditation and yoga set that you attend to in your world opens more arenas for these discoveries. The qualities of your explorations make these advancements available to you from the dimensions beyond. When you honor your right to these advancements, your signals become greater than the noise -- then you have relation•ships with futures now, rather than capsizing relational•canoes.

Our prayer is that you'll become the explorer once again to discover the new miraculous inventions; that you'll be that courageous to go beyond the battles of noise and realize this entire Universe is only a small part of a greater megaverse, which is a microscopic piece of a great multiverse . . . there are no limits anywhere out there, neither are there any limits in you.

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