Full Exposures

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Inside a state of full exposure -- a clarity of each moment in life -- you’ll remember everything even in death. Full exposures are momentums of cascading persistence, guiding existence beyond all resistance . . . a singularity. This is known as ‘brain-snap’, an “ah-ha” moment. Occasionally experienced in the physical body while operating in the material world, brain-snap is fully grounded while fully awakened . . . a slight duality connecting you in the body. Every moment is a tool to evolve consciousness toward this full exposure. This is the purpose of your physical life . . . an auto-assignment of karmic inclinations. Magneto-phosphenes are the light flashes in brain-snaps from intersecting magnetic fields. This drives intuition toward inclinations . . . magnetic fields inside your thought forms. The changing fields cause electrons within the visual cortex to produce these illusions of light . . . illusions within the illusion. This is the nature of ‘Maya’ -- the material universe as experienced from your individual experience.

To clear your spacetime and get a clearer view of your purpose within the illusion in the illusion -- sit in meditation without a mantra -- become highly conscious of your breath -- allow thoughts to balance their contrary-fields/opinions within opinions of their inherent illusions. Revelations will arrive when you don't go lazy. The underconscious ones -- in their habit of disbelief -- won’t believe you. They'll make up stories from long ago to contradict your revelations. Your abilities will seem too real, and reality -- to the underconscious -- is always whatever they're convinced of in the moment. But your revelations will soon be forced into their resistant grasp as time changes. This is what you’re experiencing . . . the underconscious -- in charge of the law and order -- becoming more lawless and chaotic. The more you open the revelations, the more peace you’ll bring to the chaos.

Our prayer is that you’re open to this interaction; that you relax in the midst of this storm; allow the waves of time to carry your destiny into full exposure, and let your brain snap . . . ah-ha.

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