The New Economics

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The new economics -- to replace the current form of debt driven capitalism -- will be a compassionate story-based system. The current form enters capital into the economy by introducing an equal amount of debt. The ones that own the debt have power over the ones that owe the debt . . . a perfect structure for slavery and inequality. The new economics will be one that honors the innovative stories that create awareness of human need and global excellence . . . a system of service opportunities. Both sides of this equation will be treated with equal respect, and therefore handled without the slightest degree of guilt, or shame. When it comes to persons experiencing unfulfilled needs and requirements beyond their capacities, this will ignite the natural rush of fulfillment . . . just like the rest of nature operates.

Water in the tides is a gravity based system, everything flows toward the lowest point to raise it higher . . . the tide lifts everything equally. This is also the economics of the world's forests, and the rest of nature outside human nature. Forests have banking systems based on their collective and individual stories . . . the recipient of assistance is never considered a debtor. . . simply the recipient of a universal effort to maintain balance, equality and ease. Wherever there’s a need, the rest of the forest rises to the occasion to deliver assistance without fanfare, and without any noticeable time delay involved. The awareness is in the health of anything being equal to the health of everything, and in this way there’s no sense of gift, or debt, but just a story being fulfilled in every way. This is ‘free-wording’ conscious stories flowing from one awareness to another as a means of keeping everything informed without the slightest emotional charge  . . . just a constant and pure informing communication.

Our prayer is that you’re ready for these new economics; that you release the old concepts and opinions attached to haves and needs, and share without the thought of debt, or reward -- like the tides that uplift everything.

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