10 Times Greater

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Great masters -- throughout the history of higher consciousness -- would require that their students fulfill their life’s greatest mission. "Be ten times greater than the master,” was not an unusual request. This is the way that nature grows, where every generation must exceed the previous one to maintain progress, and not fall into regression. There can be no evolution where there’s devolution. Every parent wants their children to be greater, and the family of spiritual mastery is no different.

The only way evolution evolves, is for each generation to continually improve. This challenges the student to battle doubt with courage; to wage faith against fear, and to promote the self through confidence instead of arrogance. You have to release all traces of ‘false humility’ to envision yourself as greater than the life of your master, and this was the assignment. Looking at it from the technology of physics -- the self in relation to a great master -- there’s a parallel to the relation of space to a greater space. Within the infinity of the cosmos, every part of infinity must be infinite. This is the nature of infinity -- it’s a hologram -- infinity divided and multiplied is still infinity. Within this holographic nature you have the opportunity of anything being everything. It’s only the opinions and attitudes that limit and hold it back, or release and set it free . . . any limitation originates from falsehoods. Remember, when you have an opinion of yourself, or anyone else, you're only experiencing a sliver of what is, because every moment and point in space contains everything.

Our prayer is that you recognize this law of physics in every opinion you have; that you release your limits and embrace your infinity, and that your view of your life is your greatest opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

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