Create Harmony

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The strongest tensile strength in nature is spider web silk. This silk makes a trap for food, and a place to live, and spiders can do other extraordinary web intrigues. They "tune" and “play” them like a musical instrument. Spider silk has been evolving for over 350 million years and the spider’s body has developed correspondingly. Sensors on their eight legs can distinguish between the different tones, vibrations, and pitches up and down the web. Spiders even "play" their webs to create vibrations and attract their food. Many lives in the animal kingdom revolve around such harmonies, but the human ignorance interprets such communications as primitive, believing their superiority to the degree that other languages are discounted.

But when you think about how the only creature on this planet that's causing disruption -- and all disruption originates in a failure of communication -- the languaging of humans must be less developed than the other creatures. Whales and dolphins are psycho-emotionally far more balanced than humans. The dolphin creates extreme emotions for no more than fifteen seconds at a stretch, whereas the human can go on for months and even years while holding anger and a grudge. The language of the whales is complex and collective -- they call and converse with large numbers of their extended families over hundreds and even thousands of miles . . . echoing and reflective the messages over and over. There are far more agreements amongst other species. Whereas the lack of agreement ultimately causes the wars that kill humanity. This has made munitions the largest industry on the planet. Imagine the spider, with its highly tuned sensitivity, creating the strongest filaments in the world . . . then imagine what humans could do if they focused on harmonies rather than differences.

Our prayer is that you tune into ways to create harmony with others; that you are grateful for the strength of connections you make, not the weapons you make, and that you’re able to tune those connecting filaments of life and understand all languages.

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