Balancing Overwhelm

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One purpose in life is to dissolve the illusion of separation and enable a unity to prevail within your daily routines. It’s easy and tempting to feel and play small in order to achieve this, especially when you’re surrounded by chaos. Chaos is the product of an unintentional life, living within an unattended environment -- allowing one tangent to lead into another tangent, into another tangent . . . on and on. This has been the unconscious nature of human activity for hundreds of years and the result has separated you from each other. This has accelerated since humans came away from the reality of agriculture and slipped into the meaninglessness of “earning a living.”

This lack of reality makes you feel small amongst overwhelming situations -- like the weeds that strangle a garden -- but remember, overwhelm is a perspective, and weeds grow more aggressively when perspective is unattended. It’s a sign that you must process your life every day so that your weeds are either incorporated into the landscape, or rooted out of it . . . your choice. When you find yourself surrounded by the towering and overwhelming weeds, you can climb on top and balance like Shaolin masters on bamboo forests, but this will need the attendance of a very strong personal daily practice. Since there’s been so many generations in human DNA that’s neglected this level of practice, it will take some time to break your old habits, to root out the weeds and establish more consciousness. In this initial process it’s extremely easy to become overwhelmed. This is house cleaning after years of neglect. It might even look easier to live in the mess, rather than deal with the overwhelm of the cleaning. But this is the time to “keep up” and you’ll eventually be kept up.

Our prayer is that you climb on top of your overwhelm; that you allow your perspective to shift, and let the overwhelm level out . . . walk across your weeds and see yourself as powerful . . . even in the moments when you’re not . . . walk as if you are.

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