True Liberation

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Liberty and Freedom: as you honor the natural order of the world all around you, there begins to develop an awareness of another order existing within you. This world inside is filled with life's fundamentals . . . ease, joy, knowing, and the freedom of liberation. It's the Soul's liberty . . . the freedom of an eternal existence. This world of liberty and freedom is the world at the core of all existence, it's a world all life is searching for amongst the instinctual struggles to survive. The majority of humanity, however, never has the good fortune, or opportunity to experience this freedom -- they're still locked in the instinctual patterns -- still fearing for survival -- never tasting this unforgettable sense of liberty that appears when the Soul body takes over the leadership, and survival instincts take a backseat.

But that backseat feels existentially dangerous . . . extremely uncomfortable . . . uniquely unprotected through the view of the risk managing brain. However, in midst of this discomfort, there's also the slight hint of a deeper layer of true comfort . . . and within this faint hint there's a solace. This is the solace that's never been experienced by the fearful; never experienced by the instincts of protection; never imagined by the "heroic" tendencies within all those so called "manly" patterns of violence labeled as patriotism. This solace is not of this world, it's the food that connects your Spirit to the Soul; food that permits a true sense of liberty and freedom to take control; a control that guides you to your destiny . . . the destination of real purpose in this lifetime.

Our prayer is that you take this existential risk; that you face all those overwhelming dangers that surround the waves of time in your life; that you let go of fear in the midst of risk and taste this solace . . . you'll never forget it . . . it's filled with your purpose; with the meaning and the value of your life . . . it contains a map to the destination you've been searching for . . . right there amongst all your other searches. Welcome home to the true freedom of liberty.

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