Plant Alternative Prosperities

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The current forms of capitalism are not created to succeed, or grow within peaceful or healthy environments . . . peace and calm is “bad“ for business in this current form. This means, that in order to achieve peace on Earth, your task will have to first be redesigning and redefining the very foundation of the economic system. This has to be accomplished by working at the level of the seed and the roots, for without such a change to the fundamentals, the system will just regrow as it’s always been . . . much like an aggressive weed.

This will not be an easy task, for the “one percent” -- who are wildly prospering under the current arrangement -- will be threatened by any shift. There’s a tremendous infrastructure dedicated to war, poverty and disease as a sales mechanism for big business. This has extricated nations from financial depression for centuries . . . it’s been carved deeply into the stone of a fixated collective consciousness. You cannot look at this dilemma and consider the players in the equation bad, or wrong. Humans are habit creatures, and these habits have lived for generations without the slightest revelation of successful alternatives. “What’s been good for the ancestors, and allowed them to survive, must still be good.” This is why this argument emphasizes “traditions" at the root and seed. Attacking this root/seed will not succeed, but the root/seed is the problem to change. This means you must alter your “attack” into a non-attack. This is what Lao-tse always spoke of in the Tao. “Means to the ends must never be mean, or the end.” When the common seed is faulty, plant another field and introduce the healthy alternatives alongside the faulty seed . . . comparison without competition.

Our prayer is that you’re non-violent in approaching the root/seed of capitalist violence; that you’re patient in knowing the obsession with money and violence is an innocent habit that’s lived for centuries, and you plant alternative economies to demonstrate alternative prosperities.

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