The Lawlessness of Infinity

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Infinity has no beginning, nor any ending. Therefore nothing is actually started, or ever born and nothing can ever die from an infinite perspective. All matter in the universe, right now, is an echo -- a memory -- of something that was, or is. Worship, in the true sense of the concept, is the ability to capture this echo, from the vibrations of something you deeply respect and admire -- like the seeds of a great tree that replicate again and again in this, or some future moment. This is the nature of bhakti yoga, mimicking the life of a great one -- an ascended one -- with whatever echo/seeds you can collect, whether in writing, or recording, or the oral stories of those who’ve witnessed the ones who were there. These are the echo/seeds that live on within the purpose of bhakti yoga. This is also the nature of great evolutionary progress -- where you take what was admirable and respectable and you copy it . . . even add to it.

Traditionalists are the ones who preserve the heritage seeds -- this is an important aspect of evolution, for there must always be accurate histories of what was outstanding. Then there are those who are to propagate these seeds wildly and multiply them abundantly . . . improving upon them to fit the changes that always occur in the illusion of time. The propagators always have run ins with those preserving when the points of wisdom are altered by the spreading. Remember, the only constant is change, and change is never the same. This is what the Buddha noticed while sitting at the river for a long periods of time. “The river is always changing, and the river is always the same.” To mentor yourself into mastery; to initiate yourself beyond mystery; to recognize yourself without the limits of history is a path of propagating infinity. You are to realize that which has always been -- has been waiting for you to respect, realize, worship and own it.

Our prayer is that you believe in your potential to use the lawlessness of infinity to spread its teachings; to take this limitlessness and build from the echoes of the greatest ones ever known, and then set up new echoes to guide the little ones who are growing up now.

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