Non-Violent Response

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Earth is in the midst of an “invasion of the body snatchers” . . . a full force of constant atrocities committed by the governing barbarians at a global level never experienced before. They snatch children from parents; snatch parents from their well earned jobs; snatch families from their homes that have been a source of loving efforts, dedication, and even paying taxes. Only the bodies of those darker colored ones are snatched by these ultra-primitive barbarians who’ve been sitting on the edges of humanity’s insanities for centuries and have now found a way to rig all elections, selections and governing processes, to rise into their offices of power’s brutality. This demands a massive, collective, non-violent response . . . a battle for the ages, and the human outcome hangs in the balance.

It's up to you, the great sages and saviors, to double your efforts and establish a pathway to enlightenment in order to gain access to the essential, effective and intuitive answers and solutions here. The brute forces these unevolved and unaware barbarians are about to unleash on this Earth are more intense and immense than ever before -- and if allowed to go unchecked, they will actually extinguish human life on Earth. You’ll have to be tough to be tender, this is clear on these treacherous paths on the way of the way through this time. Getting in touch with your mission of creating remission in this barbarism . . . a remission to all violence surrounding the world of this Earth.

Our prayer is that you stand in the presence of your mastery and saintliness on the way to your “ten-times-greater-ness” . . . a way of being even greater than the masters of the past, and as your life becomes Divine, you'll learn to use the 'Soul-Guiding-Stars' -- the Angels in your cosmic world -- to uplift the world on this Earth.

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