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Master and Prophets are not positions, or conditions to be anointed with exclusivity. They’re not to be coveted, or controlled by any individual, or in memory of any individual. Mastery and prophecy are levels of consciousness to be achieved by you and those around you. It’s neither a competition, nor a hierarchy, but it’s an evolutionary phase of human existence to be accepted -- not selected -- and then imperfectly perfected with one’s own style. Like all the rest of nature, mastery is very real and simply quite natural. Currently it’s a category being neglected because of timidity from within and the restrictive stories of religious history from without. It’s been neglected as a static category of achievement, only attainable by those iconic figures from far back in the past. It has been closed to new entrants and aspirants for centuries by the roadblocks of religious tradition and the powers of monarchical marketing.

This is now changing, the new evolution demands that it changes, but this transformation will bring huge resistance from all the hierarchical/monarchical institutions. And this has happened before . . . history always repeats. One and a half million years ago, the position of ‘firekeeper’ was the king in the clan. Then, just over half a million years ago, the creation of fire was discovered. This upset the hierarchies, and a transition -- similar to what’s happening today -- wove its way through the prehuman social fabric. The “firekeepers” -- with their anointed powers in place for a million years -- had to incorporate a new wave of “firestarters.” Today, real mastery is alive and vibrant and primed to be recognized as an open category of human development.

Our prayer is that you’re one of the “firestarters” who’ll step out of the shadows of tradition; that you’ll create the brightness of a brand new magic in a world lost in its own darkness; that you’ll help birth this new era of human evolution and develop the skills of leadership . . . a wisdom-keeper.

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