Immaculate Solutions

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The twenty-first century is the first time in human history that Earth’s atmosphere has had more than 415 parts per million(PPM) of ‘CO2‘. This is not just in recorded history, but since modern humans began evolving millions of years ago. This is a looming tragedy if ignored, and it’s being ignored by the new and underconscious souls who’ve not been through enough incarnations to fully understand this world. Those who are boldly denying human caused climate change are not able to comprehend the nature of the Earth; they’re not able to capture the forces at work in nature.

Don’t expect this to change -- don’t rely on these young ones who are in positions of power for the answers. They are to be gently moved aside and out of the way of the solutions that are critical to avoid human extinction. This is the actual matter at hand in this moment, there are huge elements at risk in this momentum of natural transformation. Humanity is at a place that’s never existed, and in dire need for the solutions that have never been considered. This is the moment -- not to be left in the hands of business, or political traditions, or religious traditions, or anything that’s been before. This is a time for you as the masters in this world to step up into the space not yet occupied, in order to enter a space that doesn’t exist.

Our prayer is that you’re courageous enough to meet this challenge; that you’re committed enough to be a guardian of life on Earth, and that you’ll step into those spaces not yet common, in order to enter the spaces that have never been . . . the spaces of immaculate solutions.

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